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Industry Focus Areas

Mobility & Transportation

Getting people and goods where they want to go in an automated, safe, easy-to-use, cost-effective and eco-friendly way is important to enabling commerce, a growing economy and a prosperous society.

Cars & Automotive

The car is the ultimate mobile device. We’re interested in investments to increase the utility, functionality and revamp the sales process of cars. We also believe this is a tremendous hobby, culture and community which can be served in new and innovate ways.


We’re interested in commercial applications of distributed ledgers, whether financial or otherwise, along with plumbing to support consumer and business transactions via cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

Two-sided Marketplaces

Some of the hardest business to make work, two-sided marketplaces must have a unique combination of scarcity, oversupply, large demand and broad addressable. We’re very interested in cut-the-middleman models that enable a marketplace with low fees to be the matchmaker.